MTS Total Internet

Client: Manitoba Telecom Services
Date: Spring 2016
Services: Art Direction

MTS underwent a rebrand, and we were tasked with their first mass campaign in the new brand. Our objective was to promote MTS Total Internet (home internet and wireless data, under one plan).

Our thinking began with asking the question customers should be asking: If home internet and phone internet are the same thing, why should I be paying twice for it?

We brought this idea to life by emphasizing that internet is all-encompassing, and used tactics to help Manitobans start thinking of “two kinds of internet” as just one. With a robust concept developed, we were able to produce a wide range of tactics for MTS’s biggest campaign of the year. It included TV, pre-roll, print, direct mail, banners, social, and more.

As a Manitoban brand, MTS required all Manitoban suppliers, talent, and locations, which added a layer of complexity to production.

We were also required to add in subtle appearances/”Easter eggs” of the previous brand’s mascot – a cartoon bison named Morty. He appeared in a custom printed pyjama set and desk stationery in the print ads.

Agency: Camp Pacific
Creative Director/Copywriter: Addie Gillespie
Copywriter: Dan Hawkins
Producer: Claire Khan
Director (TV): Paul Santana
Photographer: Thomas Fricke