Live Lettering at SNAG

Live Lettering

SNAG – The weekly live painting and art raffle.

SNAG is a weekly live painting and art raffle that is held every Wednesday at The Cobalt in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Each week, 4 up-and-coming/established/super-famous artists are selected to complete a piece at the event, and raffle it off at the end of the night. I was asked to participate for their “TYPE NERD” edition – with an all-female hand-typographer roster.

Big thanks to Andrew Young for running such a sweet event, and Katie Maasik, Lauren Coutts and Ali Bruce for lettering alongside me.

Follow @jocelynisyellow for more of my lettering work, and @snagart to see the some of the best people Vancouver’s art scene has to offer.

Charles Bukowski SNAG Lettering by Jocelyn Wong


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