WealthBar Awareness Campaign

Client: WealthBar
Website: wealthbar.com
Date: Spring/Summer 2017
Services: Art Direction

More than any other generation, young adults today face some serious concerns regarding their financial future. And with all the headlines describing the troubles they’ll face preparing for retirement, it’s no wonder why. WealthBar offers a solution that helps turn that insecurity into financial peace of mind.

Our objective was to produce WealthBar’s first OOH campaign. As a relatively new brand, our goal was to increase brand awareness in Vancouver millennials.

WealthBar TSA

We turned headlines with negative outlooks on millennial financial futures into positive ones by crossing out a single word with a teal adhesive “bar”.

WealthBar TSA
WealthBar Transit Ad
WealthBar Transit Ad

Agency: Camp Pacific
Copywriters: Luke Devlin, Greg Kieltyka
Creative Director: Josh Fehr
Producer: Char Garay